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In December 2017 the former chairman of SEFI's Mathematics Working Group, Dr Leslie Mustoe, passed away.

The Group's obituary can be found here.


SEFI is the European Society for Engineering Education. Its aims are

SEFI Mathematics Working Group

The SEFI Mathematics Working Group was established in 1982.

Mathematics is at the heart of engineering, being both a language for the expression of ideas and the means of communicating results. An effective study programme in mathematics for all engineering students is a necessary requirement for the education of qualified engineering graduates capable both of innovation and of adaptation to changing technology.

Uncertainty is an essential feature of the engineering environment and for this reason the fields of probability and statistics are included in the Working Group's domain of interest.

Aims of the Working Group include


Daniela Velichova
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

E-mail: daniela.velichova (at)



Deolinda Dias Rasteiro, ISEC, Coimbra: dml (aaa)

Members of the Steering Committee (in addition to the chairperson and the secretary)

Burkhard Alpers: burkhard.alpers (at)
Marie Demlova: demlova (at)

Tommy Gustafsson: tommy.gustafsson (at)

Duncan Lawson: d.lawson (at)
Brita Olsson-Lehtonnen: brita.olsson (at)
Paul Robinson: Paul.Robinson (at)